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5D4N World Natural Heritage + Wulong + Chengdu


  • Wulong Tiankeng Three Bridge
  • Fairy Mountain National Forest Park
  • Visit Chengdu giant panda breeding research base

Gourmet Inclusion:

  • Wulong flavor
  • Sichuan snacks
  • Yuanyang Steamboat
  • Sichuan food


  • RMB 30 per person per day

Own Expenses:

  • Chongqing 2 Rivers + Changing Faces + Chongqing Steamboat - SGD 140 per person

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Singapore ✈ Chongqing - Wulong (B/L/D)

  • Tour guide will welcome you at Chongqing International airport ,after take breakfast ,transfer to Wulong (2hours).
  • The mountain is a city and the city was a mountain.
  • Is located at the junction of the Yangtze river and jialing river in chongqing area of 8.2 square kilometers and a population of more than 3000, is China’s four municipalities directly under the central government in the area of the largest and most populous municipality directly under the central government, and is the youngest, western China, the only municipality directly under the central government.
  • Ancient style street【HongYa hole】in most rivers “diaojiao building style and features of traditional architectural features as the main body, mountain potential, built along the river, let the jiangbei to the riverside.
  • Tourists considerable outseam group of buildings, view HongYa dicui, mountain city street, reward ba-yu culture, iron mountain city hotpot, look at the convergence of liangjiang, pampered, don’t play night amorous feelings of the new world of entertainment.
  • She will be the jiangbei party sitting room, chongqing people’s leisure area, represent the image of the old chongqing.
  • After lunch to wulong hotel to have a rest.

  • Meal: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Accommodation: 4* Hongfu Hotel or similar

Wulong - Chongqing (B/L/D)

  • After breakfast visit [wulong tiankeng scenic spot three bridge] (including the environmental protection public car 40 + (15), three tiankeng bridge is the world’s largest natural arch group and the world’s second-largest tiankeng group, three - day dragon natural stone arch Bridges bridge, tsing lung bridge, the black dragon bridge, grand and majestic.
  • More than the average height of 240 meters, the width of 100 meters above, three bridge spacing within 800 meters, the arc open series, formed a gorge three bridge between two pit geological wonders of the world.
  • The international famous director zhang yimou film “curse” of the only locations.
  • After lunch to fell on the earth of the garden of Eden - (including small train) [fairy mountain] fairy mountain national forest park, an average elevation of 1900 meters, 2033 meters, the highest peak in the jiangnan unique charm of alpine grassland, austral rare beautiful snow, green quiet beautiful jungle BiYe landscape, known as the “Oriental Switzerland”.
  • Mountains, valleys, forests and grasslands one integrated mass, hand in photograph reflect, the landscape is distinct, with male, rolling, show, the rich and the geological landform characteristics.
  • Can also be at horse riding, archery, grass skiing, alpine meadow entertainment project.
  • After that return to chongqing.

  • Meal: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Accommodation: 4* Wanyoufengting or similar

Chongqing - Chengdu (B/L/D)

  • After breakfast, drive to chengdu after arrival in Chinese food, after go to the 【Jinli Ancient Street】 the oldest in the history of west shu, one of the most has the commercial street, as early as the qin and han dynasties, and The Three Kingdoms period is famous throughout the country.
  • Now, in the jin an area of more than 30000 square meters, construction area of more than 14000 square meters, the total length of 550 meters, in the late Ming dynasty western sichuan folk houses for coat at the beginning of the qing dynasty, three kingdoms culture and folk customs in chengdu as connotation, integrating tourism shopping and leisure entertainment.

  • Meal: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Accommodation: 4* Xirui Boutique Hotel or similar

Chengdu (B/D)

  • After breakfast go to the chengdu research base of giant panda breeding . (including battery car), the giant panda breeding research base is the world’s largest artificial research base of giant panda breeding, gardening here for simulating the wild giant pandas ecological environment, green coverage rate was 96%, and the construction is suitable for the giant panda and a variety of rare wild animals breeding of the ecological environment.
  • Here all the year round with more than 100 pandas and red pandas, black-necked cranes, crane and other rare animals.
  • Visit chengdu width alley [is] a legacy of the scale of the qing dynasty of ancient streets, with jamchen lhakhang monastery, manjusri courtyard and known as chengdu, the three major historical and cultural city protection block by a wide alley, narrow alley and well lane three parallel arrangement of old street and courtyard falls group, is the old “little city” in one thousand in chengdu city pattern and in one hundred the original true construction pattern of the last remaining, is also the north hutong culture and architecture in the southern “orphan”.
  • After the tour bus back to chongqing,arrived at after dinner, check in hotel.

  • Meal: Breakfast and Dinner
  • Accommodation: 4* Xirui Boutique Hotel or similar

Chengdu - Chongqing ✈ Singapore (B/L)

  • After breakfast come back to Chongqing, after lunch and take flight back to sweet home.

  • Meal: Breakfast and Lunch
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