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♥ Highlights

  • Cape of Good Hope
  • Gossip mountain Buddha
  • Fan-Shaped Garage
  • Sunny Farm
  • Car Cheng Street
  • Deer Port Town
  • International Art Street
  • Monster Village
  • Biscuits DIY
  • Pearl Milk Tea DIY

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Singapore ✈ Taipei

  • Upon arrival, transfer to Taoyuan County.
  • After check in, free at own leisure.

  • Accommodation: Champion Hotel or similar

Taipei - Taichung (B/L)

Jiufen Street:

  • Once abandoned after the mountain to dig gold, for the movie "City of Sadness" and once again flourishing, becoming the longest one of Taiwan's most lively streets, a variety of souvenirs and snacks, attracting large numbers of tourists up to the mountain for shopping.
  • Do not miss the famous snack - taro round nine.


  • For the largest sunflower theme farm in North Taiwan, the farm is set up by a young man, because of the love of horticulture and land, so planted a large area of flowers to sunflower-based, it is a good place to play with parents.

Haowangjiao Scenic:

  • One of the attractions of the West Coast.
  • Along with a huge white wind turbine, standing down the Cape of Good Hope overlooking, you can see the harbor tidal tide and endless blue ocean.

Fengjia Night Market:

  • It is one of Taichung's famous commercial business districts, covering approximatelyone kilometer in diameter around Feng Chia University and includes the Fengjia Wenhua Night Market, Fengjia Rd., and Fuxing Rd.
  • In this CBD, you can find delicious snack foods and quality clothes at reasonable prices to express your unique personality.

  • Meal: Breakfast and Lunch
  • Accommodation: VIP Hotel or similar

Taichung (B/D)

Bagua Mountain Buddha:

  • Located in Changhua, the Buddha is the most representative of Changhua landmark.
  • Bagua Hill has a long history, because there is an ancient rumor that the fengshui made the people fight and the establishment of the "gossip Pavilion", named after the gossip mountain.
  • At this place, you can view the whole of Changhua City, and experience the newly established sky trail awareness of leisure sports

Fan Station:

  • Taiwan monuments, fan-shaped garage for the preservation of Taiwan's railway culture treasures, the only remaining fruit Taiwan.
  • Track by the garage outreach, such as a fan, also known as fan-shaped garage, the locomotive after a long distance drive, into the garage to rest, maintenance, so the fan-shaped garage also has "locomotive hotel".

Lugang Street:

  • Popular port city in Taiwan, but also with the decline of the port and lonely, but also because of the decline of untapped while retaining a considerable number of cultural and historical monuments and authentic cuisine snacks and Bellagio culture.

Tung Hai Arts Street:

  • Located near the East China Sea University, assembled the cultural and artistic landscape ideal community.
  • There are a variety of warm, personalized goods and human style of the shop, such as post-modern coffee shop, as well as interior decoration of the small jewelry shop, quite exotic.

  • Meal: Breakfast and Dinner
  • Accommodation: VIP Hotel

Taichung - Nantou (B/D)

Sun Moon Lake: 

  • Located in the middle of Taiwan, with an elevation of 748 meters above sea level.
  • The only natural big lake in Taiwan.
  • The southern part of Lalu Island is shaped like a new moon, and the northern part is shaped like a sun; hence the name SUN Moon Lake.

Wen-Wu Temple:

  • Located in the northern west, dedicated to Confucius (Wen-Sheng), Yue Fei and Guan Yu (Wu Sheng), named after temples built along the mountain.
  • The temple consisted of three sections, coloured golden-yellow, is a typical northern China styled momentum.

Jiji Station:

  • A railway culture as the theme of the tourist town, the station next to the old iron station in Taiwan converted the railway cultural relics exhibition, and furnish antique-class coal-fired steam locomotive, successfully led the surrounding tourism business opportunities.

Monster Village:

  • Located in the river head next to the forest, by the creative team to create a small business district, full of Japanese-style architecture, people kind of illusion that exposure to the Japanese streets, and the Japanese ghost Taro as the theme of many lovely monster dolls in the moster village inside, but also add joy. 

  • Meal: Breakfast and Dinner
  • Accommodation: ShanTe Hotel or similar

Nantou - Taipei (B)

The Grand Hotel:

  • Taiwan's first five-star hotel with the appearance of ancient Chinese palace.
  • It is where Taiwan government held a state banquet and to serve leaders from other countries.
  • It is also an important tourist landmark in Taipei.


  • Martyrs Memorial sacrifice for the country.
  • Gate guard guards, does not move like a mountain, like a statue, the handover ceremony will be performing play-for-gun post, often gathered many tourists stopped to watch, unmistakable characteristics.

Taipei 101:

  • Taiwan's tallest building, with a total height of 508 meters, the integration of modern art and architectural features Chinese fengshui, there are around the world brand-name merchandise.

Raohe Street Tourise Night Market:

  • It is 600 meters in length, near Shongshan Railway Station.
  • There is a decorated-archway in front of the entrance.
  • There are various shops and stands in the night market.
  • It presents Taiwanese characteristic and is definitely a place worth visiting.
  • Meal: Breakfast and Lunch
  • Accommodation: Champion Hotel or similar

Taipei ✈ Singapore

  • After breakfast, you are free at leisure till your departure transfer to Taoyuan C.K.S. Airport. Home Sweet Home!

  • Meal: Breakfast
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