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8D7N Colourful Guizhou


  • RMB 30 per person per day


  • Huangguoshu Waterfall

Own Expenses:

  • Colorful Guizhou Wind Song & Dance Show + Xifeng Lin (Gossip Field + Battery Car) + Huaxi Wetland Park = SGD150 per person

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Singapore ✈ Guiyang (D)

  • Tour guide will welcome you at Guiyang airport, after transfer to JiaXiu Pavilion, leave a building 26 years before the Ming Dynasty, is also in 1598,has been 400 years of history.
  • So leave a building is the symbol of Guiyang is outstanding, Guiyang landscape and culture.
  • It’s very fun to visit a enjoyment.

  • Meal: Dinner

Guiyang - Kaili (B/L/D)

  • After breakfast go Kaili and visit Xijiang Miao Village, is the world’s largest miao natural villages.
  • Xijiang miao for 1000 households, known as “swallowed the miao”.
  • Here, houses are mostly for wooden diaojiao building, use maple take into, to expand both sides, according to the mountain dark red maple wood wall irradiation under a piece of golden in the sunset.
  • Swallowed the miao and surrounded, heavy mountain overlapping ailian, terrace conveniently direct-connect yun mountain, white river wear and the village, the xijiang miao people in two.
  • Set within the diaojiao building built along layers of idea idea, and continuous piece, a bamboo stars behind the house.
  • The diaojiao building is three layers, more base on bluestone, pebble assembled, a layer of captive animals, living on the second floor, three layer for the granary.
  • Live layer has a promenade, surrounded with gravel,  with benches, merchant girl in this lace embroidery, they called gallery stool “beauty”.
  • When entering the miao, men and women, old and young village people dressed in national costumes passageway welcome your arrival, and enthusiastically on the “road of wine” to welcome you; Came to the village in the path the miao high “song hall” (a large square) of folk song and dance performances, enjoy the most authentic) (traditional national song and dance performance.
  • Can also be further, visit hmong local-style dwelling houses) (depth understanding of minority nationalities amorous feelings.)
  • Ethnic Museum has more than 12000 collection, collection of yuan, Ming and qing period such as the miao and dong ethnic costumes and part of ancestor worship and life appliance.
  • The general picture of the museum has a province pavilion, ethnic customs, ethnic costumes, and dragon boat...And so on.

  • Meal: Breakfast, lunch and Dinner

Kaili - Guiyang (B/L/D)

  • Today we will visit the ”Qingyan Ancient Town” was formerly a military hub of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, once focused nine temple, eight temple, three holes, two temple, a house, a house, a room, the first floor, a mansion eight memorial arch; Especially inside and outside the gates of the three stone memorial arch and two double-hipped roof houses with local characteristics, green stone TiKan streets paved and other ancient architectural complexes in photograph reflect, show a unique style and features of ancient town.
  • This green rock has become a culture of ancient town of Ming and Qing style.
  • ”Huaxi Gardens” and BaiLing put dove, dam, bridge, bridge, such as peach blossom hau, jiaqi mountain landscape; Except as jin like embroidering beautiful very, and famous defect, golden avenue.

  • Meal: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Anshun - Xingyi (B/L/D)

  • “Ma Ling River Canyon” is the “point of view as a rift, like a roof gutter”, Ma Linghe for crossstrait have horse don’t da-zhai and Ma Ling village called Ma Linghe.
  • Ma Linghe canyon mixed flocks of grand waterfall thin, sharp impressive cone peak densely forested, also on both sides, there are ancient temples, ancient bridge, humanities landscape such as the ancient battlefield, ancient red, full of the appeal of the ancient wild and mysterious deep color.
  • Star gallery is canyon scenic spot essence core part, it to the grand waterfalls and rock page hanging form the main landscape features, a must.

  • Meal: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Xingyi (B/L/D)

  • “Marriage Customs Museum” was established in 1989, the marriage customs of the museum of less than 10 minutes drive from xingyi city, this is a specialized collection, live show in guizhou plateau of miao, dong, yi, water, yao, tujia minority marriage custom museum, such as through “spoken” hemp fiber, bamboo carving, both engagement and a silver medal, wedding shrines, such as characteristic items, combined with the wedding outfit character models, love songs and wedding video recording, showing their freedom of be in love, and colorful wedding, harmonious family.
  • “Wanfeng Lake“ even in the three provinces of guizhoy yunnan guangxi water lanes of gold, and plateau lake tourism, vacation ideal.
  • Located in the southeast of Xingyi, east hoodoo with grand, modelling beautiful, strange peak rock, according to the typical Karst Valley Basin, also features with its essence area in the next five tuen river area, ash, also like bamboo shoot, such as column and color rich pastoral hand in photograph reflect, constitute a beautiful scenery picture.

  • Meal: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Xingyi - Anshun (B/L/D)

  • “God LongDong” cave hall hall, caves, all kinds of karst cave landscape emerge in endlessly, in points on the hole, middle and lower three layers, the bottom connected to huangguoshu great god longdong landscape waterfalls, rivers in more than ten thousands of root hole full of beautiful things in eyes of stalactites, to more than 10 people can hug, small sewing needle.
  • Hole full curtain stalagmites, rock flowers, stone pillars, stone waterfall, such as karst cave landscape everywhere.
  • God longdong as indigenous minorities resistance officer bandits military fortress, military facilities has saved, by local indigenous minorities as “god” hole.
  • “Dragon Tun Guizhou Anshun” this is a live in the Ming Dynasty Village, residents here are still according to the traditional life of ancestors left behind...They are Tun Pu people, Zhu YuanZhang TunShou old army throat, as if into the dream of a lane, the war of 600 years ago have gone, and with the passing years age change, there is still visible people in blue robes at any time, they inherited the Ming people’s life, habits and customs.

  • Meal: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Anshun - Guiyang (B/L/D)

  • Huangguoshu Waterfall, is a large group, of 18 waterfalls with 14 falls under the surface.
  • Huangguoshu waterfall is China’s first great falls, is the largest waterfall in Asia.
  • Huangguoshu waterfall is the most unusual place in falls behind and, hundreds of meters long hole, the hole besides watching strange stalactites, can place oneself the cascades in the caves, which makes you more life unforgettable; Exclusive arrangement enjoy - Guizhou Hangguoshu waterfall, Asia's largest waterfalls and special arrangement on upward escalator.
  • Except for the downstream has a 350 - meter - long a beach face numerous overlapping circle layer cascade, yoho long screw talc whistle Shi Xuan of beach waterfall "screw".
  • “Water Poon Hole” besides watching strange stalactites, can place oneself the cascades in the caves, which makes you more this lifetime unforgettable.
  • Silver Pendant Pool waterfall “YinLian Sank Tam” is actually a funnel-shaped waterfalls, located in the aquatic stone forest left.Here riverbed scallop, on wide below narrow, compete on low, drops more than 20 meters.Silver pendant tam waterfalls due to the long wave impact and water erosion, the riverbed from numerous small holes, water overflowing crest, as ball falls jade, under the sunshine, shining, like countless YinLian fall in the pool.
  • More above the water (water shilin), such as the bald on the stone covered with giant cactus.
  • On both sides of the water separated from the top of the stone forest, circulation, and in the intersection, and in the water around a stone forest, area, water winding, stone forest dotted, above the water, forming a strange landscape.

  • Meal: Breakfast, lunch and Dinner

Guiyang ✈ Singapore (B/L)

  • “Qian Ling Park” known as the back garden of the Guiyang and "trait first mountain:, is located in the northwest corner of Guiyang. Garden ancient towering, vegetation cover, the collection Reiki in Guizhou Plateau.
  • Hill is growing more than 1500 kinds of trees, flowers and plants and more than 1000 kinds of rare medicinal herbs.
  • Spring peak, can be seen everywhere, and there are groups of rhesus monkey and birds perched on it.
  • "Hong Fu Temple"Guizhou first monastery,  temple was built in the Ming dynasty, the temple layout into a glyph, located in the three peaks on the intersection of lava, drainage is very high, so again big also survive flash floods.
  • All things must come to an end. Hope you have beautiful memories of your trip.
  • Remember to share your happy moments with us!
  • Heading to the airport for your flight back to Singapore.
  • Looking forward to meeting you again!

  • Meal: Breakfast and Lunch
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