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<3in1> Science Centre + Omni Theatre + Butterflies Up-Close <三合一> 科学馆 + 全天域影院 + 蝴蝶生态饲养室

The Science Centre Singapore is a scientific institution in Jurong East, Singapore, specialising in the promotion of scientific and technological education for the general public

The Singapore Omni-Theatre is an observatory and IMAX film theatre located in the Science Centre, Singapore in the city-state Singapore, South-east Asia. The Science Centre house more than 850 exhibits, mostly interactive; the largest collection devoted to science in the city.

Butterflies Up-Close invites you to experience the fascinating transformation of a butterfly from an egg to a beautiful winged adult. With only around 1 in 20 eggs making it to adulthood, the butterfly is met with numerous dangers and threats during each stage of its life cycle. You will get to gain a deeper insight on how the butterfly behaves, interacts with the surroundings, and survives each stage of its life cycle to reach adulthood.

15 Science Centre Rd,
Singapore 609081

Opening Hours:
10am to 6pm daily

Option Unit Price Qty Update Cart
Adult $20.00
Child (3-12yrs) $18.00